If you don't want the hassle of making or ordering a custom burger blend, look for a HIGH FAT content.  75% lean is the label to look for when you buy a prepack.

We sold different types of burgers.  We sold the 1/2 pound fat, gourmet burgers.  But our favorite and best seller was the thin, crispy diner burger on the flattop grill.

Pre-make your patties.  Roll the burgers into three ounce balls.  You will want to have some patty papers and burger press.

Lay a piece of patty paper on the press.  Place the

three ounce ball and another piece of paper.

Press to a nice thin patty (about 1/8 inch).  Make

plenty of patties because they will freeze very nicely

and thaw very quickly. 

Lay your burgers out.  Coat both sides with

While the patties are sitting with seasoning, toast your

buns.  You can do this in your cast iron skillet prior to

getting it hot for your burgers or in a non stick, electric

skillet.  Butter each half and toast them to a golden brown.

Let's fry some burgers!

Use a cast iron skillet. (unless you are fortunate enough to have a flattop griddle in your kitchen)  You need a HOT skillet!  Add just a small amout of canola oil to coat the bottom of the skillet.  You only need to do this for the

first two patties.  It takes about two to three minutes for the first side.  Let it get crispy!  Flip and cook for another minute.

Do not add any cheese at this point.  You can likely only do two patties at a

time in a cast iron skillet.  Place your cooked patties on a foil lined cookie sheet in a 225 degree preheated oven until you get them all done.  When you pull them from the oven, you can add cheese as you build them.  Yellow American is of course the common cheese for diner burgers.  The right cheese is the cheese you like!  The burger patty will be hot enough to soften the cheese.  You don't want it running off your burger.  It will take the toppings with it.


Is what you are striving for!

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Can I do these on the grill?  Of course!  Grab yourself one of these cast iron beauties!  Get the largest one that your grill will hold.


Danny's Burger Mix

2 Total Pounds of beef.

40% Sirloin (12.8 ounces)

40% Chuck (12.8 ounces)

20% Brisket (6.4 ounces)

1/2 Pound of pork fatback

Grind your own if you have the capability.  Or have the butcher prep it.



2 pounds cubed beef in these proportions:
40 percent (12.8 ounces) sirloin
40 percent (12.8 ounces) chuck
20 percent (6.4 ounces)   brisket

1/2 poundpork fatback

2 1/2 Pound Total Mix

Add Your Favorite Toppings!

Danny's Famous Steak Seasoning!

Nothing more.

It's All About The Method And The Seasoning!

Danny's Famous Burger